Bradley G. Clary

Clinical Professor, Law 

Bradley G. Clary, in dark suit, white with light-colored hair, gestures in a classroom while holding a 3-ring binder.

In a career teaching thousands of students, Bradley Clary has produced outstanding legal practitioners in numerous areas and helped students receive top national awards.

In a standout contribution, he redesigned and redeveloped programs in legal writing and appellate advocacy. Since then, students have been winning regional and national prizes for their knowledge and skills in writing and oral advocacy.

“Professor Clary’s most significant contribution to the Law School is the Legal Research and Writing Program,” says a former student. “This is the school’s most important course because it directly trains students in the most important skills in legal practice. He has built the program into an incredible hands-on workshop.”  

There is a difference between learning how to think like a lawyer and learning how to be a lawyer. My teaching is about both.—Bradley G. Clary

Clary also helped design the Law in Practice course, a national model for educating first-year students in client and witness interviewing, deposition practice, court conferences, and related skills. He has also written or co-written five teaching texts related to core legal skills. He has added many courses to the curriculum, including one on evidence drafting that he created wholesale.

Students rave about his teaching skills and devotion to their welfare.

“Professor Clary has never stopped being available to discuss vexing legal issues,” writes one grateful former student. “I don’t know of any other person who has accomplished more while being so generous with his time.”