Deniz S. Ones

Professor, Psychology

Deniz S. Ones.

A specialist in industrial psychology, Deniz Ones helps people and organizations make better employment decisions.

Her colleagues consider her research and professional innovations, the significance and scope of her publications, and, above all, her international reputation to be key reasons why, year after year, the Industrial and Organizational Psychology program attracts highly qualified applicants and, though small, consistently ranks first in the nation.

As a teacher and mentor, she has co-authored more than 85 studies with mentees in her field, which focuses on discovering and applying psychological principles to increase productivity and workplace well-being. In a seminal contribution, she developed a course on meta-analysis, a technique scientists use to interpret the findings of many large and often contradictory research reports; colleagues call it “the premier course of its kind in the world.”

What I find most exhilarating in my role as educator is to mentor students to develop their interest in various topics, guide their problem solving, and help them mature as scientists.—Deniz S. Ones

Over the years, her student-advisees have won every award for graduate students offered by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, as well as other major awards.

A former graduate student remembers Ones’ extraordinary personal interest in her students. “Deniz took me under her wing with many long conversations about how I was doing personally, my family, my children, and completing my dissertation while working full-time,” the student writes. “I will never forget this level of attention and true care for another human being.”

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