Gayle Golden

Senior Lecturer, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Gayle Golden.

An innovator to the core, Gayle Golden created the model for SJMC’s advanced practicum courses, which placed students in the St. Paul
Pioneer Press
newsroom for 14 hours of work per week. Similar courses followed at Minnesota Public Radio and other news outlets, allowing countless students to add bylines from these media to their portfolios.

She helped SJMC develop a standardized set of course profiles to track and upgrade courses—a critical element of curriculum reviews— and was key to developing and implementing the school’s exemplary outcome assessment process. Golden created an online module on plagiarism and fabrication and drafted a clear, fair, faculty-approved policy on those issues.

“Gayle … showed me that writing, and ultimately living, authentically is the best way to inspire the world,” says a former student.

In my classroom, we write on deadline. Fact errors have a high price. I tell the students this recreates what they’ll face when they get hired. Students always struggle, but those who work hard always rise to the occasion.--Gayle Golden

Golden was instrumental in launching a plan to embed crucial technology and data skills in existing instructional offerings, and as chairwoman of the Minnesota Daily Board of Directors, she oversaw the student newspaper’s digital transformation. She also serves as adviser for the student chapter of the Minnesota Magazine and Publishing Association, a chapter she created to help U of M students, and is starting a mentoring program for students of color.

“Every student needs a G.G.,” says a former student. “It’s great if they get one a semester, fantastic if they get one every class—but they need at least ONE in their college career.”