Kathleen Krichbaum

Professor, Population Health Systems

Kathleen Krichbaum at her desk.

With the myriad demands made on today’s nurses, it’s a rare educator who can speak to all of them. Kathleen Krichbaum is one; she has taught 40 courses and excels in tailoring instructional design to best reach all of her students.

She developed and tested a Clinical Evaluation Tool that faculty in the BSN and Masters of Nursing pre-licensure programs rely on to provide excellent and objective feedback to student nurses about their clinical reasoning and skill performance in clinical settings with patients. As associate dean for academic programs, Krichbaum led program directors and a faculty task force in developing and launching the nationally renowned, largely online Doctor of Nursing Practice program.

Paying what may be the ultimate compliment, a doctoral student says Krichbaum “helped me to identify the passion and potential in myself that I could not see.”

Figuring out how to evaluate whether students have learned what is intended is one of the true challenges we face as teachers. My career has been about addressing this challenge in every class.—Kathleen Krichbaum

Krichbaum also began a faculty development program to foster innovative teaching strategies, and co-developed and co-directed the Facilitated Learning to Advance Geriatrics workshops and online modules, which honed the expertise of hundreds of nursing faculty in the United States and Taiwan in caring for older adults.

“Dr. Krichbaum is considered one of the master teachers in the School of Nursing,” says an admiring colleague. “She’s the ‘go-to’ person for assistance in designing, implementing, and evaluating classroom, clinical, and online courses.”