A. Peter Hilger

Co-Faculty Director, Instructor, and Internship Adviser, Construction and Facility Management Program; Applied and Professional Studies, College of Continuing Education

A. Peter Hilger, bearded, in a hard hat.

As leader of the U’s Construction and Facility Management program, Peter Hilger has a record of building a framework for student success.

Hilger not only engages students academically, he creates a professional network in the form of internship and job connections, resulting in one of the highest post-graduation placement rates on campus.

“The passion he has for helping students learn is contagious, and it has made the rest of our programs better as a result,” says a colleague.

Says one former student, “There is no such thing as ‘just a number’ in Peter’s classes, as he personally engages with every student to help them grow and explore.”

I like to say I am an architect by training, a builder by profession, and a teacher at heart.

A. Peter Hilger

Hilger’s commitment to educational access and affordability led him to establish the first Construction Management program-specific scholarship fund in 2009, to help create five endowed corporate scholarships for a total of $330,000, and, in 2014, to establish his own endowed scholarship, the Hilger Leadership Award.

In short, Hilger’s students succeed because of his relentless efforts on their behalf.

“Peter has always gone above and beyond … to help out his students. It’s that kind of dedication—one that exceeds any course manual or syllabus, one that doesn’t end when his office hours do—that really sets Peter apart as one of the best teachers I’ve ever met,” says a colleague.

Or, as another colleague puts it, “Peter Hilger is a force of nature.”

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