A Course of Action for Grand Challenges

A wide-angle shot of a field of crops.

The University is committed to solving grand challenges—the most complex and pressing problems of our state and world.

Those challenges are in turn yielding exciting new opportunities for students in the form of a Grand Challenges curriculum that will enhance learning and career pathways for students, and enable them to develop the knowledge, skills, and values needed to address these vexing problems.

The Grand Challenges courses (GCC) will be taught by some of the U’s finest instructors—at least two for each course—known for their topical expertise and teaching excellence. The courses will offer active learning and may include visiting faculty and/or outside experts.

The following are the GCC courses that will be offered in fall 2015. Many additional courses will be offered in spring 2016 and beyond. These courses will also count as an “honors experience” for students in the University Honors Program:

• Beyond Atrocity: Political Reconciliation, Collective Memories, and Justice
• Can We Feed the World Without Destroying It?
• Seeking Solutions to Complex Global Health Issues
• The New Boom: Promises and Challenges of the Hydrocarbon Renaissance
• Global Venture Design—What Impact Will You Make?

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