Doing the wave; making a difference

A large M flag waving

From Director of Athletics Mark Coyle:

I was in the Kinnick Stadium stands with Gopher fans and donors [on Oct. 28] in Iowa City. We all knew Coach Fleck and our team would be excited to participate in one of college football's great rivalries, but P.J. had also shared publicly his excitement to participate in what has become one of college football's greatest traditions. As you likely know, following the first quarter everyone inside Kinnick Stadium turns and waves to the patients in the University's Children's Hospital, which overlooks the field. 

I felt proud to see every member of our football program—students and staff—walk out to the hash marks on the field so they could see the hospital and wave at the children inside.

This isn't something other visiting teams have done in the past. The young men on our team—the young men who represent you, me, and everyone in this great state—it was their idea to walk out on the field so they could see those kids. They saw a platform to make a difference in the lives of others and they seized it. That's being defined by your actions.

When you support Gopher Athletics, these are the people you are supporting. When you buy a ticket to an event, wear our colors, or donate to the Golden Gopher Fund, you are supporting a college experience for people who understand their power to create positive change in our community.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities