Facts vs. Myths: Why you should get a flu shot

Infographic comparing the myths versus the facts regarding flue vaccines

It’s flu season. The flu vaccine has been available since early fall, but there’s still plenty of time to vaccinate yourself and protect others.

It’s called herd immunity; by vaccinating yourself, you lessen the risk for infants or immunosuppressed people unable to get the shot more susceptible to infection. When most people in a community are vaccinated, it contains the disease and prevents an outbreak.

It’s a team approach, similar to the way a group of animals fights off a predator.

The Minnesota Department of Health recommends everyone 6 months and older receive the flu vaccine, excluding those who are immunosuppressed. Not sure where to go? Many clinics and pharmacies offer the flu shot for free, and it’s covered by most insurance companies. Some even offer perks for getting it done. Find a location near you. 

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities