Finding her niche

Dana Queen

On what drew her to the University of Minnesota, Dana Queen ‘19 says, “I remember getting really excited about the study abroad program.”

That excitement eventually played out as Queen experienced six months studying at the University of York in England. While there, she immersed herself in the culture.

“If I had stayed any longer, I would have had to get a different visa,” she laughs.

Queen had big dreams upon arriving at the U of M. A double major in anthropology and history, she originally planned on a career as a history museum curator. However, as she gained more experience with her majors, another profession caught Queen’s eye: children’s and young adult librarian.

“I am interested in programming ... and [in] informal learning spaces for people who learn better outside the classroom,” she says.

Some of the biggest takeaways she gained through studying abroad were a deeper understanding of other cultures and perspectives—not to mention having to solve her own travel challenges (during her time studying in England she traveled in Europe).

Queen believes her study abroad experience ultimately increased her versatility in the world of library curation by giving her a better understanding of how to include other perspectives into the programs she wants to create.

Queen’s learning abroad experience was partially made possible by a scholarship from the U of M Learning Abroad Center.

See the original story, written by Maggie Nesbit, an undergraduate student in the College of Liberal Arts.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities