Gophers shine again with APR scores

A bunch of M flags blowing in the wind

The NCAA released its most recent Academic Progress Rate (APR) scores in late May, and Gopher teams once again shined. 

Seven University of Minnesota athletic programs earned perfect multiyear scores, aggregating data from four academic years, and 15 different Gopher programs earned a perfect APR score in the most recent reporting year, 2015-16. Nearly 80 percent of all Gopher teams (18 of 23) either matched or exceeded their APR single-year score from the previous year.

“I hope Gopher fans can take as much pride in the academic achievements of Gopher student-athletes as I do, because what they are accomplishing every day is amazing,” says Athletics Director Mark Coyle. “Gopher student-athletes graduate at the highest rate of any public school in the Big Ten—with a degree from a world-class institution. Today’s APR news is just the latest opportunity to publicly celebrate the hard work those students invest in the classroom every single day.”

A week earlier, the NCAA honored seven U of M programs with Public Recognition Awards, which recognize these teams as holding multiyear APR scores that are among the top 10 percent nationally within their respective sports. Those seven teams—men’s hockey, women’s swimming and diving, baseball, women’s and men’s tennis, men’s cross country and women’s golf—all posted perfect single-year and multiyear scores.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities