Helping vets succeed in business

Man in business suit.

Jeremy Hemsworth saw the Army National Guard as a way to pay for college as well as serve his country. He spent much of his enlisted time stateside, yet also served in Basarah, Iraq, for two years, developing expertise in technology.

“I see tech as a force that can make us more productive, make our lives easier, and enable people to do things that would normally be out of reach,” he says.

Hemsworth is a 2017 graduate of the Carlson MBA program at the University of Minnesota. The program helps veterans translate their skills for success in the world of business.

Over the past six years, 79 veterans from all military branches have entered the program. Carlson’s class of 2018 has 19 veterans out of 103 students.

Levi Severson, an Air Force veteran and 2013 Carlson graduate, says his military experience helped him “in a lot of different ways—teamwork, leadership, the ability to adapt to change, and the ability to handle pressure in a time-sensitive environment.”

Among the businesses that have hired Carlson’s veterans for full-time employment or internships are Wells Fargo, General Mills, Ecolab, UnitedHealth Group, 3M, Google, Land O'Lakes, and Target.

“There are vets that start businesses, vets that work in tech, and vets that work in marketing,” Hemsworth says. “We should improve our ability to support vets that pursue jobs in these areas.”
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities