Maroon and gold in the Olympics

Two curling stones, one red/maroon and the other gold, on a sheet of ice

Approximately 30 athletes, coaches, and staff with connections to the University of Minnesota are competing or participating at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

All but one of these current or former students and staff from the Duluth and Twin Cities campuses have a connection to the ice—either the hockey rink or the curling sheet. There's also a women’s bobsledder (who began as a track and field athlete).

Here is our roundup, with links to Olympic bios or recent feature stories.

Women’s bobsled
Akuoma Omeoga, ’14, UMTC (track and field athlete), Nigeria

Women’s curling
Cory Christensen, current UMD student, Team USA
Aileen Geving, ’09, UMD, Team USA
Tabitha Peterson, ’15, UMTC, Team USA

Men’s curling
John Shuster, ’07, UMD, Team USA
John Landsteiner, ’09, UMD, Team USA

Women’s hockey
Kelly Pannek, senior, UMTC, Team USA
Hannah Brandt, ’16, UMTC, Team USA
Dani Cameranesi, ’17, UMTC, Team USA
Amanda Kessel, ’16, UMTC, Team USA
Gigi Marvin, ’09, UMTC, Team USA
Lee Stecklein, ’17, UMTC, Team USA
Maddie Rooney, junior, UMD, Team USA
Sidney Morin, ’17, UMD, Team USA
Haley Irwin, UMD, Team Canada
Jocelyne Larocque, UMD, Team Canada
Brigette Lacquette, UMD Team Canada
Eveliina Suonpaa, UMD, Finland
Noora Raty, ’13, UMTC, Finland
Mira Jalosuo, ’13, UMTC, Finland
Lara Stalder, UMD, Switzerland
Pernilla Winberg, UMD, Sweden
Maria Lindh, UMD, Sweden

Men’s hockey
Ryan Stoa, ’09, UMTC, Team USA
Mason Raymond, UMD, Team Canada

Robb Stauber, UMTC and UMD, Team USA women’s hockey head coach
Brett Strot, UMTC, Team USA women’s associate head coach
Sarah Murray, UMD, South Korean women’s hockey coach
Laura Schuler, UMD, Team Canada women’s hockey head coach
Brent Proulx, UMTC staff, Team USA women’s equipment manager
Adam Stirn, UMTC staff, Winter Olympics hockey rinks ice technician

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