New Projects to Warm Campus Climate

Shot of students on Northrop Mall with yellow and orange fall foliage.

The climate around the University of Minnesota is warming—in a good way.

 On March 21, the Campus Climate Engagement Team (CCET) awarded $4,680 to 10 projects to foster a climate of dialogue, respect, and personal growth that will help everyone on the U of M’s Twin Cities campus feel valued, safe, and welcomed.

The chosen projects were funded by allocating about half the CCET budget—which is provided by President Kaler—for the current academic year. Applicants were asked to focus on one of four themes: furthering dialogue about an issue affecting campus climate, especially among marginalized communities; training to fill in gaps of knowledge or skill that impede progress to improve the campus climate; increasing access and equity for those in marginalized populations; and engaging with people in neighborhoods near campus

“Sometimes, the work of transformation is about supporting a collection of small changes motivated by students, staff, and faculty to create an awareness and commitment to building a healthy campus climate for all,” says Nasreen Mohamed, CCET member and a creator of the micro-grant project.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities