UMN Expert: Loss of local pharmacies in rural U.S.

Michael Swanoski

Dr. Michael Swanoski offers insight on how local pharmacists can reverse the downward trend in rural communities.

UMN Expert: Dockless scooters and bikes in a sharing economy

Headshot of Frank Douma

U of M expert Frank Douma weighs in on the surge of dockless bicycles and electric scooters. 

UMN Expert: Self-sufficiency for people with disabilities and their families

Kelly Nye-Lengerman

Kelly Nye-Lengerman, Ph.D., to testify before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging on Wednesday, July 18.

UMN Expert: Financial literacy for families

Sharon Powell

Sharon Powell is available for comment on the importance of financial literacy for families.

UMN Expert: Consumer genetic testing

Heather Zierhut

Prof. Heather Zierhut, Ph.D., explains what consumers should consider before taking an at-home genetic test.

UMN Expert: Aging U.S. population puts focus on family care

Joseph Gaugler (left) and Kenneth Doyle (right)

U of M experts Joseph Gaugler and Kenneth Doyle weigh in on the implications of the shift to family care.


UMN Expert: Deadly melanoma increases, but is also preventable

DeAnn Lazovich

University of Minnesota School of Public Health expert DeAnn Lazovich gives advice on how people can prevent melanoma.

UMN Expert: Building resiliency key in adapting to extreme weather events

Richard Graves

Richard Graves, director of the U's Center for Sustainable Building Research, explains the needed shift in architecture.

UMN Expert: Masonic Cancer Center urges increased HPV vaccination and screening

Deanna Teoh

Dr. Deanna Teoh, Medical School, Masonic Cancer Center, explains the importance of getting the HPV vaccine.



UMN Expert: Child separation at the border

Megan Gunnar

Megan Gunnar, Ph.D., describes potential impact of forceable separation of children from their parents.