UMN Experts: Envisioning a future with autonomous vehicles

Frank Douma, Tom Fisher, Michael Levin

As a future with self-driving transport gets closer to reality, several UMN experts are available for comment.

UMN Expert: Steel and aluminum tariffs

Robert Kudrle

Economic policy expert and Humprhey School of Public Affairs Prof. Robert Kudrle is avaliable for comment.

UMN Expert: Youth violence prevention

Iris Borowsky

Expert comments on prevalency of youth violence and options for intervention.

UMN Expert: Medicaid work requirements

Lynn Blewett

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issue guidelines for Medicaid work requirement.

UMN Experts: Immigration policy, history, impact

UMN Immigration Experts

U of M experts Marissa Hill-Dongre, Erika Lee and Deepinder Mayell bring context to the immigration debates.

UMN Experts: Impact of Olympic Games, from athletes to South Korea

Rasa Troup, Donald Dengel

The XXIII Olympic Winter Games open in PyeongChang, South Korea this Friday.

UMN Experts: Disrupting the health care system

Jean Abraham, Larry Jacobs

Experts weigh in on Amazon's and other's move to form an independent company that seeks to contain health care costs.

UMN Experts: Evolution of commercials

Claire Segijn; Steven Wehrenberg

With millions expected to watch Super Bowl LII, some viewers may be just as invested in the ads as the game itself.

UMN Experts: Influenza season and call for vaccinations

Michael Osterholm, Susan Kline, David Golden

New data from the CDC today about influenza in the United States shows the virus remains widespread.

UMN Expert: U.S. economic and trade policy on the global stage

Robert Kudrle

President Donald Trump is scheduled to give a speech to world leaders and CEOs at the World Economic Forum Friday.