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UMN Expert: Building resiliency key in adapting to extreme weather events

Richard Graves

Richard Graves, director of the U's Center for Sustainable Building Research, explains the needed shift in architecture.

Expert Alert: Masonic Cancer Center urges increased HPV vaccination and screening

Deanna Teoh

Dr. Deanna Teoh, Medical School, Masonic Cancer Center, explains the importance of getting the HPV vaccine.



Expert Alert: Child separation at the border

Megan Gunnar

Megan Gunnar, Ph.D., describes potential impact of forceable separation of children from their parents.

Expert Alert: Low labor force participation rate

Joe Ritter

With a low unemployment rate and larger number of people not working, it is raising concerns about a labor shortage.

UMN Expert: The future of net neutrality following the Senate’s vote

Christopher Terry

Christopher Terry, of the Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication, weighs in on the future of net neutrali

UMN Expert: Recent data points to fatal aspects of air pollution

Jesse Berman, Ph.D.

School of Public Health air pollution expert Jesse Berman offers insight into U.S. air pollution.

UMN Experts: Brain stimulation to treat Parkinson’s, depression and more

UMN researchers

Researchers at the U of M are on the leading edge of treatments for many common and debilitating brain disorders. 

UMN Expert: Disease cases from ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas more than triple in U.S.

Johnathan Oliver

Jonathan Oliver offers insight into what might affect vector-borne disease spread and severity.

U Expert: Industry-wide labor shortage will delay projects this construction season

Peter Hilger

Peter Hilger can discuss the impacts, and steps the industry and educators must take to fix the problem.

UMN Experts: Telecommunications mergers and consumers

Media merger

U of M experts Paul Vaaler and Chris Terry bring context to the Sprint and T-Mobile merger announcement.

UMN Expert: Unpleasant weather’s impact on financial markets

Joshua Madsen holding an umbrella.

As companies issue their quarterly reports, how equity analysts respond can be influenced by the weather.

UMN Experts: U.S. obesity rate rises dramatically

Jamie Stang. Simone French. Mary Christoph.

School of Public Health experts give insight into new avenues of obesity prevention.