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UMN Experts: Antiquities Act

Alexandra Klass Ingrid Schneider

UMN professors Alexandra Klass and Ingrid Schneider comment on Presidential proclamations related to Antiquities Act.

UMN Experts explain and weigh in on net neutrality vote

Christopher Terry, Steve Kelley, Joesph Konstan

The FCC is poised to vote Thursday on dismantling net neutrality regulations put in place by the Obama administration.

UMN Expert: North Korea ICBM Launch

Mark Bell

UMN Professor Mark Bell comments on U.S. options in response to this latest North Korea missile launch.

UMN Expert: Black Friday shopping and the hunt for deals

George John

Black Friday marks the beginning of the shopping frenzy that lasts through the holiday season.

UMN Expert: FCC to Vote on Media Consolidation

Chris Terry

The FCC is expected to vote on major changes to media consolidation rules.

UMN Expert: President’s authority to use nuclear weapons

Mark Bell

Mark Bell on presidential authority to order the use of nuclear weapons, significance of U.S. Senate Committee hearing.

UMN Expert: AT&T–Time Warner merger

Chris Terry

Professor Chris Terry weighs in President Trump’s history with CNN and what the DOJ demands could mean for the deal.

UMN Experts: Opioid addiction crisis is a public health emergency

U researchers on opioid crisis

UMN experts give tangible examples of how awareness and funding could prompt action, turn the tide on opioid addiction.

UMN Expert: Repeal of Clean Power Plan

IonE's Ellen Anderson

IonE's Ellen Anderson weighs in on the proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan.

UMN Expert: Iran nuclear deal

Mark Bell

UMN Professor Mark Bell weighs in on the consequences of decertifying the Iran nuclear deal.


UMN Expert: UN Treaty must not distract from nonproliferation

Mark Bell

Following Nobel Peace Prize announcement, Mark Bell weighs in on UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

UMN Experts: After Las Vegas, U.S. faces disturbing reality on gun violence

U researchers on Las Vegas

Three University experts discuss the aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shooting, and ways to move forward.