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UMN Expert: Iran nuclear deal

Mark Bell

UMN Professor Mark Bell weighs in on the consequences of decertifying the Iran nuclear deal.


UMN Expert: UN Treaty must not distract from nonproliferation

Mark Bell

Following Nobel Peace Prize announcement, Mark Bell weighs in on UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

UMN Experts: After Las Vegas, U.S. faces disturbing reality on gun violence

U researchers on Las Vegas

Three University experts discuss the aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shooting, and ways to move forward.

UMN Expert: Tom Petty’s voice was one-of-a-kind

Peter Mercer-Taylor

U of M Associate Professor of Musicology Peter Mercer-Taylor reflects on Tom Petty's career.

UMN Expert: Current blur between politics and sports is unprecedented

Doug Hartmann

Douglas Hartmann comments on the unprecedented blur between sports and politics. 

UMN Expert: Viewing solar eclipse with naked eye is dangerous

Dr. Joshua Hou

Dr. Joshua Hou shares that viewing solar eclipse with the naked eye is as dangerous as looking at the sun