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School of Dentistry faculty named GSA fellow for his dedication to the field of aging

stephen shuman

Dr. Shuman is only the eighth dentist to be awarded the distinction of GSA fellow.

UMN faculty member appointed to new federal pain management task force

Harold Tu

Dr. Harold Tu is among the members tasked with understanding gaps in pain management practices.

Collaboration between aerospace engineering and dentistry develops new dental devices for the elderly

a graphical representation of the antenna emitting a low-frequency radio wave that is picked up by the phone app

30 years ago, Stephen Shuman, D.D.S., M.S., never would have imagined he’d be working with aerospace engineers on...

Research Snapshot: A detailed look at HTLV-1, the retrovirus that causes T-cell Leukemia

Retrovirus replication remains an intriguing enigma to researchers. Scientists continue to unearth more and more insight

The AHCA won’t change dental care – under MN legislation, the poor already struggle to get care

Earlier this month, House Republicans publicly released their Affordable Care Act (ACA) replacement...

5 tips for healthy oral hygiene in kids

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month.

The formula for a beautiful smile

What’s in a beautiful smile?

According to science, and history, symmetry might be the answer.

RWJF “Clinical Scholars” team invests in education to improve oral health for MN kids with special health care needs

An interprofessional trio of University of Minnesota healthcare providers has been selected as one of 8 teams...

Could MRI be used to help detect cracks in teeth?

Cracked teeth can cause several problems.

Research snapshot: No two kinds of retroviruses look – or act – the same

In the most comprehensive study of its kind, researchers in the Institute for Molecular Virology and...

Why does my breath stink?

It’s date night. You stay away from garlic and onions at dinner, and pop a mint to be safe...

Research snapshot: UMN study identifies mechanism in drug target that helps block HIV’s ability to spread

University of Minnesota researchers have identified the mechanism of a potential HIV drug target...