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Research Brief: Deriving muscle stem cells from teratomas

UMN researchers have developed a process to regenerate skeletal muscle cells in animal models with muscular dystrophy.

Leaders in integrative health and healing

Two women treat an elderly patient.

The School of Nursing’s specialty in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program has become a national draw.

UMN researchers find the link between heart and blood cells in early development

New research from the University of Minnesota reveals endoglin as a critical factor in determining the fate...

Healthily ever after

Jane Comfort being held by her mother

Quick diagnosis and treatment by U of M doctors saved this child’s life.

Surgery changes a med student’s path

Kent Peterson and his fiancee and parents

Kent Peterson changed career paths after his rare engagement in his dad’s transplant.

Expert Alert: Masonic Cancer Center urges increased HPV vaccination and screening

Deanna Teoh

Dr. Deanna Teoh, Medical School, Masonic Cancer Center, explains the importance of getting the HPV vaccine.



Beyond hockey, a humanitarian

Sidney Peters poses with some girls she helped coach.

Sidney Peters forged her own identity at the U of M was honored with the prestigious Hockey Humanitarian Award during the NCAA Men’s Frozen Four.

The case for interprofessional collaboration

Students in a lively discussion at the CLARION national competition

The organization CLARION offers students from different professional programs the chance to collaborate to improve health care.

Research Snapshot: Common cancer treatments could inadvertently contribute to recurrence

new study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine shows how chemotherapy, radiation and targeted therapy...

Can healthy holiday eating actually be unhealthy?

With the holiday season around the corner, tips and tricks for healthy holiday eating are almost unavoidable...

Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility’s Uganda hub exposes students to global health research

At Mulago Hospital, it’s hot outside, like a particularly humid August day back in the Midwest. 

Research snapshot: Genetic links to resilience in PTSD patients

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects roughly 20% of all veterans from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.