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Chloe Portela stands in the U of M Aquatic Center with a stethoscope around her neck.

Back in her lane

Chloe Portela is completing a master's degree in nursing to realize her childhood career ambition.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Sarah Hoffman

UMN Expert: Serving health needs of refugees

U of M expert Sarah Hoffman speaks about the best methods to address the health needs of refugees post-resettlement
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Students work to decipher clues in an interprofessional escape room.

A great escape is a perfect learning tool

Based on the worldwide escape room craze, the University of Minnesota has created interprofessional escape rooms that give healthcare students invaluable skills.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
A young black mother in hospital gown holds, kisses her very young baby.

Slowdown on cesareans

At the U of M Birthplace, a focus on mothers-to-be and a lower cesarean rate
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities