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University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy and Fairview Pharmacy Services partner in an innovative community-based medication management initiative to improve patient safety

The University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy and Fairview Pharmacy Services partner to improve medication safety.

UMN Expert: Loss of local pharmacies in rural U.S.

Michael Swanoski

Dr. Michael Swanoski offers insight on how local pharmacists can reverse the downward trend in rural communities.

Research Brief: Eradicating cancer with immune cells armed with nanorings

(L-R) Dr. Carston R. Wagner and his students, Jacob Petersburg and Cliff Csizmar, at the Wagner Research Lab.

Research lead by Dr. Carston Wagner on how nanotechnology can transform our own immune cells to fight cancer.

Research Brief: Harnessing silicon nanoparticles to fight infections

There is an urgent need for better methods to treat bacterial infection, this research investigates one possible avenue.

Managing pain key to managing opioid addiction

Opioid addiction is labeled an epidemic, and Minnesota is not immune.

Research Snapshot: What’s affecting HIV rates in African-born women of the Twin Cities?

In the United States, HIV diagnosis rates are six times higher in African-born immigrants than any other demographic...

Q&A: Supporting mental health treatment during and after incarceration

It’s estimated 26 percent of jail inmates suffer from mental illness or some sort of serious psychiatric distress.

Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility’s Uganda hub exposes students to global health research

At Mulago Hospital, it’s hot outside, like a particularly humid August day back in the Midwest. 

Unfamiliarity with naloxone rules leads to low prescribing rates among MN providers

With opioid overdose deaths increasing at alarming speed, naloxone, an overdose antidote, provides some hope amidst...

Art exhibition “To Really See” opens eyes to perception of medication

For most people, the topic of medication is avoided. Paul Ranelli, Ph.D., M.S., is working to change this conversation.

Research Snapshot: Complementary and Alternative Medicine use in Diabetic Adults

Diabetes is a growing concern for people in the United States — over 29 million Americans suffer from this chronic...

U start-up acquired by large pharmacy company, Genoa

Medication Management Systems, a U-based start-up, was recently acquired by Genoa, the nation’s leading...