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ACLU, U of MN Law School, Dorsey & Whitney join forces to challenge unlawful detention of immigrants

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ACLU, U of MN Law School, Dorsey & Whitney join forces to challenge unlawful detention of immigrants

Money affects children’s behavior, even if value not understood

The act of handling money makes young children work harder and give less, according to new research published by the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and University of Illinois at Chicago.

University of Minnesota Law Professor Receives U.S. Justice Department’s Highest Award

Increased Internet Access Led to a Rise in Racial Hate Crimes in the Early 2000s, according to New Research from Carlson School of Management and NYU Stern

New research from Carlson School of Management Professor Jason Chan and NYU Stern Professors Anindya Ghose and Robert Seamans finds that broadband availability increased the incidence of racial hate crimes committed by lone-wolf perpetrators in the United States during the period 2001-2008.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to Deliver the University of Minnesota Law School’s Stein Lecture

Mosaic Company Foundation Honors Jim Prokopanko through Term-sponsored Professorship for Corporate Responsibility at the Carlson School of Management

Joel A. Schleicher to receive University of Minnesota’s 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Joel A. Schleicher, founder and executive chairman for Cyber Risk Management, LLC will receive the University’s Entrepreneur of the Year award on Wednesday, September 9, at 5:00 p.m., at the McNamara Alumni Centee.

Faculty research fuels record 16 startups at U of M

The University of Minnesota announced today that it launched a record 16 startup companies over the past year based on discoveries and inventions by its researchers. These companies, which exceed the previous record of 15 companies in fiscal 2014, demonstrate the university’s commitment to bringing cutting-edge research beyond the lab and to the market, where it can benefit society on a larger scale.

When Times Are Tough, Parents Favor Daughters over Sons

For Those Over 50, Finding a Job Can Get Old

SCOTUS Immigration Victory for Innovative Law School Program: The Center for New Americans

John and Nancy Lindahl announce $17 million gift to University of Minnesota