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Blonde Sylvie Hogan, about 2, with high forehead and stitches down her chest, beams at camera.

Full (family) circle

A U of M doctor’s invention in the 1950s leads to a life-saving machine for his great-grandniece in 2019.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Chloe Portela stands in the U of M Aquatic Center with a stethoscope around her neck.

Back in her lane

Chloe Portela is completing a master's degree in nursing to realize her childhood career ambition.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Hannah Van Ochten and Rowan Mahon stand next to a poster about their prescription drug repository.

Students help create prescription drug repository

Two U of M students are helping to launch a prescription drug repository that will help redistribute unused medications to people in need.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Ashstynn Trauth holds a model skull with a small hole in the cranium, contemplates it a la "Alas, poor Yorick."

The right pitch

A student learns how to pitch ideas—such as her device to remove pooled blood from the brain.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities