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Tracking brain health through life

White women in colorful tops, black pants exercising on yoga mats.

A large University study seeks clues to what keeps aging brains healthy—or not

Research Brief: Who reads the Nutrition Facts food labels?

Nutrition facts label

A UMN study explores frequency and use of nutrition labels.

FDA approves innovative, U-tested Parkinson’s device

A colorful image of a human brain inside a skull.

A clinical trial co-led by the U of M has helped an innovative treatment for Parkinson’s disease gain FDA approval.

Developing new dental devices for the elderly

An image of dentures, a wi-fi signal, and a smartphone.

The School of Dentistry is collaborating with a local aerospace research company to create new dental devices for the elderly.

Seeing Alzheimer’s disease

Bob Vince and Swati More with their modified camera.

U researchers detect early signs of the disease in the retina.

Managing pain key to managing opioid addiction

Opioid addiction is labeled an epidemic, and Minnesota is not immune.

Cancer fighter from Cameroon

Christian Njatcha in his lab.

Graduate student Christian Njatcha came all the way from Cameroon to fight cancer.

Research Snapshot: Common cancer treatments could inadvertently contribute to recurrence

new study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine shows how chemotherapy, radiation and targeted therapy...

Researchers 3D print lifelike artificial organ models

prostate model

Organ models could improve surgical outcomes in thousands of patients worldwide.

Can healthy holiday eating actually be unhealthy?

With the holiday season around the corner, tips and tricks for healthy holiday eating are almost unavoidable...

Research Snapshot: What’s affecting HIV rates in African-born women of the Twin Cities?

In the United States, HIV diagnosis rates are six times higher in African-born immigrants than any other demographic...

‘These deaths can be prevented’

Professor Kingshuk Sinha.

A new study shows how NPOs can enable surgical care delivery in underserved communities worldwide.