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Extending the pipeline

High school students talking to one another

High school students interested in medicine get coaching from U of M medical students.

Phillips Neighborhood Clinic adding more specialty care

Every Monday and Thursday night, a makeshift clinic tucked in the basement of a Minneapolis church welcomes...

Fighting hydrocephalus

Stephen Haines, M.D., UMN Department of Neurosurgery with hydrocephalus patient Pete Bigalk.

“Here at the University of Minnesota, hydrocephalus is the most common condition we treat in pediatric neurosurgery...

Man flu or myth? Why we study mice of different genders to understand illness

The term man flu is typically used in jest; perhaps in conversation between two women joking about how their husbands...

UMN study: Later school start times better for adolescent development

Many high schools across the country are debating if later start times are better for students.

Death by caffeine? Dangers of caffeine dissected after teen’s death

Death by caffeine: an eye-catching headline when a coroner recently declared a South Carolina teen died...

Rising trend among millenials: Botox

One could say, cosmetic surgery is seasonal. 

How food affects your mood

Chances are you’ve had a ‘bad hair day’ or two in your lifetime, or perhaps experienced the wrath of someone...

Make refugee health care great [again], writes UMN assoc. professor

About 3 million refugees have come to the U.S. over the past four decades.

Shopping for sunscreen: what you need to know

Nearly 9,500 people in the United States are diagnosed with skin cancer every day

Research Snapshot: Some melanoma survivors still practice unhealthy sun behaviors

Over the past 30 years, melanoma rates have been rising.

The risks and benefits of new Netflix show “13 Reasons Why”

The recently released Netflix show 13 Reasons Why vividly depicts a 17 year-old girl’s rationale for ending her own life