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Bonnie Carlson, a local grocery store owner, speaks with a local trucking professional in the doorway of her grocery store's storage room.

From Garlic to Grocery: turning empty trucks into bigger business for rural Minnesota

Why are there food deserts in the heart of some of the most productive farm country in the world? That’s a good question. Through the one-of-a-kind rural Minnesota Backhaul Project, the U of M’s Kathy Draeger is connecting rural grocers and farmers to bring new sources of fresh food to Greater Minnesota.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
A woman farmer walks through rows of plants, holding a colorful bouquet of flowers.

Sowing the Seeds of Success: a new set of learning tools for Minnesota’s farmers

U of M Extension’s Jake Overgaard grew up on a farm. He knows farming, and he understands that it’s changing. He and his Extension educator colleagues are using a new generation of educational tools to meet farmers where they’re at. That might include a podcast on improving disease management (to listen to while they’re driving a combine), or a YouTube video on business planning. Because when it comes to farming, an extra set of hands is always helpful.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

U of M to host Minnesota Sparks event in Alexandria

The event brings U researchers—who are tackling the area’s critical issues—into conversation with the community.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Cecilia Riedman and Stephen Long look for invasive species in the water.

Taking the plunge to fight aquatic invaders

Volunteers around the state are taking a neighborly approach in the fight against invasive species.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Sharon Powell gives financial advice.

Financial education for families

U of M Extension educator Sharon Powell teaches low-income individuals and families how to improve their financial situations.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Leensa Ahmed and Jasmine Salter tend to produce for the Green Garden Bakery.

Green tomatoes take the cake

Master Gardener volunteers and Extension partners inspire kids in north Minneapolis to start a healthy desserts business.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities