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Widening the focus on water

A man and child peer off of a dock and into a body of water.

U of M Extension provides research and education on managing Minnesota’s water resources to partners across the state.  

Addressing the childhood obesity epidemic in rural Minnesota

Family members slice tomatoes on a cutting board.

U nursing professor Jayne Fulkerson is partnering on a new family-based project to help boost healthy eating habits.

U of M astronomers help citizen scientists discover rare galaxy cluster

newly discovered Cluster RGZ-CL

Crowdsourcing participants and U astronomers discover a rare galaxy cluster 1.2 billion light years away

Xcel-ent for butterflies

Purple, yellow, and green vegetation by a lake.

Thanks to a keen-eyed U student, butterflies will soon find plenty of food next to Xcel Energy substations.

Crowdsourcing project to transcribe and decode U.S. Civil War telegrams

Eckert Telegraph

U researchers part of national crowdsourcing project to transcribe and decode U.S. Civil War telegrams

Protecting pregnant women in Uganda

A Ugandan woman with her young child on her back

Grad student Sonja Ausen-Anifrani is working to deliver key information in text messages to expectant mothers in Uganda.

Challenges that Connect Us

Challenges that Connect Us

U of M experts are in Mountain Iron, May 17, to offer new insights into our health, our economy, and our lives.

Breaking the Care Barriers

A bearded white male with a stethoscope examines examines a female Asian patient.

The University Community Health Care Center is celebrating 50 years of breaking through divides of poverty, language, race, and culture to serve its patients.

Kids who stutter find support

Some kids pose with Goldy Gopher.

The University of Minnesota Kids Who Stutter Camp brings together children who stutter to meet, connect, and become good communicators.

Clear Views into Big Challenges

Clear Views into Big Challenges

U of M experts are in Brainerd, April 19, for an event that offers new insights into sustainability, our health, and Minnesota’s economy.

New Projects to Warm Campus Climate

Shot of students on Northrop Mall with yellow and orange fall foliage.

From dispelling myths about fat to introducing deaf and hard of hearing prospective students to campus, new projects funded by “microgrants” will help create a climate where everyone feels valued, safe, and welcome.

Change Meets Innovation


U of M experts meet with the Red Wing community to discuss how innovation will meet rapid changes affecting our health and living environments.