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Shot of students on Northrop Mall with yellow and orange fall foliage.

New Projects to Warm Campus Climate

From dispelling myths about fat to introducing deaf and hard of hearing prospective students to campus, new projects funded by “microgrants” will help create a climate where everyone feels valued, safe, and welcome.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Change Meets Innovation

U of M experts meet with the Red Wing community to discuss how innovation will meet rapid changes affecting our health and living environments.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Amanda Weber

To Make Sure Voices Go Through Walls

Amanda Weber has brought her love of music and outreach to a choir that offers hope to prisoners.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
young boy reading to a dog

Giving Young Minds the Opportunity to Shine

The U of M is harnessing the energy of its students and community volunteers to close the achievement gap
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
A young female student looks at a book in Wilson Library.

‘Gopherbaloo’ Draws more than 300

More than 300 students from grades 6-12 came to Wilson Library on the coldest day of the year to take advantage of the U Libraries’ rich resources and expert library staff.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
A corpse flower in bloom sends a pale shaft nearly six feet high.

Rare 'Corpse Flower' set to Bloom at the U of M

One of the world’s largest and stinkiest flowers is on the verge of a rare blooming at the U’s College of Biological Sciences Conservatory and is open for public viewing the week of February 1.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
A heart shape made out of small white pills

Awareness of Aspirin's Benefits Saves Lives

A new study finds that the U of M's statewide aspirin awareness campaign could serve as a national model with immense health and economic benefits.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
A young black child lies supine and looks at the camera as a gloved hand performs an examination.

A Workforce to Thwart Infectious Diseases

University of Minnesota researchers lead an international effort that prepares health care workers to stop infectious diseases like Ebola in their tracks.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Come Curious

Come Curious

There are a million reasons to consider the University of Minnesota, but one thing is for sure. You've come to the right place.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Two researchers measure water levels

Natural Born Economy

For Minnesota companies working to balance people, planet, and profits, the U of M's Natural Resources Research Institute is there to help.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Goldy Gopher at the Minnesota State Fair

Ten U of M Reasons to Visit the Fair

From offbeat science performances to games for the sake of research, the U has something to offer visitors of all ages at the Minnesota State Fair.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Graphical representation of sustainable home competition winner

A Win for Sustainable Homes

Comfortable. Attractive. Efficient. Affordable. U of M students may have just designed the home of the future.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities