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Study shows integrated care affects health care use among vulnerable adults

Findings also show services linked to better quality of life.

Research Brief: UMN researchers make key discovery about human cancer virus protein

A blue-tinted

The discovery could have important implications for developing a strategy to stop the spread of HTLV-1.

Research Brief: New research sheds light on why certain oaks are found together

Oak tree.

Continent-wide study finds key to unusual distribution, offers lessons for keeping ecosystems healthy.

Research Brief: Crowdfunding campaigns for unproven stem cell-based interventions

A microscope

Researchers looked at how benefits and risks tied to unproven interventions are portrayed in patients' online campaigns.

UMN researchers and Native American tribe hope to reduce lung cancer disparities

A doctor writing on a clipboard

UMN scientists are teaming up with the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe to investigate aspects of lung cancer.

UMN Experts: Brain stimulation to treat Parkinson’s, depression and more

UMN researchers

Researchers at the U of M are on the leading edge of treatments for many common and debilitating brain disorders. 

MnDRIVE Global Food Ventures graduate fellows announced


The eight awarded fellows will seek solutions to challenges posed by food insecurity and population growth.


Research Brief: Introduction of Craigslist increased prostitution across U.S.

Half open laptop with screen lit.

Study shows Craigslist's entry into a county led to 17.5% increase in prostitution cases.

Research Brief: Freshwater ecosystems filter pollutants before they reach oceans

Freshwater ecosystems filter some of the excess pollutants out of the water before it reaches the ocean.

Research Brief: Genes might play unrecognized role in aging, intervention

Genes research brief

With full genomes for hundreds of species, CFANS compares lifespans between species with differences in their genomes.


The other great Minnesota get-together

Researchers, including a man in a red pullover, discuss ideas.

Grand Challenges Research Expo brings experts of all stripes together to change the world

UMN researchers unveil Minnesota autism rates as part of national CDC study

1 in 42 children in Hennepin and Ramsey counties found to have autism.