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Monkeys in zoos have human gut bacteria


New research gives insight into how diet and lifestyle may affect health

Two University of Minnesota startups named among “Best University Startups"

Closeup of reflection in windows

UMN startups named among the “Best University Startups 2016” by the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer.

Global study shows link between fertilizer and plant diversity

Eric Lind

An international study with ties to the U sheds light on the effect of human-caused disturbance on grassland ecosystems.

Fail-safe for faulty cell division found

Artist's conception of a dividing cell

U researchers find a signal that warns dividing cells when their chromosomes are not being distributed equally.

U of M Venture Center launches record 17 startups in FY16

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The U of M launched a record 17 startup companies over the past year based on discoveries and inventions by researchers.

Ten #UMNonaStick things to do at the fair

A marching band wearing gold T-shirts walks while playing at the Minnesota State Fair with the Skyride operating overhead.

From raptors and bees to performances and freebies, the U has something to offer everyone at the Minnesota State Fair.

U of M plans new investment in ag research, education and Extension

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Nearly $5 million state investment in agricultural productivity will help hire scientists and improve infrastructure.

Count seals in Antarctica from the comfort of your couch

baby seal

Citizen science project uses satellite images to get first-ever, comprehensive count of Weddell seals 

Greatest concentration of unique mammal species is on Philippine island

Mossy Luzon forest

Fifteen-year study reveals 93% of Luzon Island’s land mammals are found nowhere else

Butterflies’ diet impacts evolution of traits


Researchers find that access to specific nutrients can have long-term effects on fitness-related traits across species

Which invaders should be top priority?

japanese beetle

Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pests Center (MITPPC) requests public input on invasive plants and pets. 

‘Dirty’ mice model human biology better

White lab mouse with cute little snout pointed at us.

Questioning the use of mice never exposed to microbes in studies of the immune system