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Researcher studies the influence of free will around the world

A photo of Kathleen Vohs

Findings provide a comprehensive look at the influence of free will around the world.

Fighting hydrocephalus

Stephen Haines, M.D., UMN Department of Neurosurgery with hydrocephalus patient Pete Bigalk.

“Here at the University of Minnesota, hydrocephalus is the most common condition we treat in pediatric neurosurgery...

Man flu or myth? Why we study mice of different genders to understand illness

The term man flu is typically used in jest; perhaps in conversation between two women joking about how their husbands...

UMN study: Later school start times better for adolescent development

Many high schools across the country are debating if later start times are better for students.

U of M wastewater treatment pilot promises to turn scum into profit

U of M wastewater treatment pilot promises to turn scum into profit

CFANS researchers are converting scum into high-quality biodiesel. 

U of M helps startup Resynergi create energy from plastic waste and biomass

Image of a creek

California company Resynergi draws on U of M expertise to develop tech that converts plastic and biomass into energy. 

Research study gives new insight into how cancer spreads

Cancer cells graphic

Discovery could have a major impact on therapies to prevent the spread of cancer.

Summit Medical gains FDA clearance on U of M-developed jaw fracture device

The U of M and Summit Medical announced that a new, non-invasive device to support jaw fractures is approved by the FDA.

Predatory use of criminal justice


Cities target low-income citizens, people of color with fines and fees, U researchers say.

We’re on the brink of mass extinction — but there’s still time to fix it

Students with binoculars

UMN researchers explain threats biodiversity faces and the opportunity we have to save species before it’s too late.


Help astronomers find ‘baby’ galaxies that give birth to new stars


A new UMN-led citizen science project uses the public to find “baby” galaxies that are giving birth to new stars.

UMN announces launch of agricultural partnership between Brazil and MN


UMN and Embrapa are joining forces to tackle problems of viable productivity growth in agriculture.