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U of M researchers identify an unexpected cause of mutation in cancer

Reuben Harris

Reuben Harris and team pinpoint enzyme that causes mutation in tumor cells

UMN study measures effects of congestion on access to jobs by car


Twin Cities metro area ranks #12 in access to jobs by car, #23 in loss of access to jobs by car due to congestion

Thinking through the dirt

A student works on a dig at Fort Snelling.

U of M anthropology professor Katherine Hayes and her students are unearthing a fuller story of Fort Snelling.

Atheists remain most disliked religious minority in the U.S.

Johnston Hall

Ten years after landmark study, researchers find Americans consider religion central to morality and national identity.


U of M, community partners lead new Robert Wood Johnson Foundation program

IRL logo

Interdisciplinary Research Leaders, led by U of M, will consist of 15 teams of researchers solving health challenges.

U-led project releases 3-D elevation maps for White House Arctic Initiative


Researchers led by the U's Polar Geospatial Center release the first-ever public set of 3D topographic maps of Alaska. 

U awarded multimillion-dollar grant for physics-based approach to cancer

cancer cell

$8.2 million National Cancer Institute award will support development of a simulator to predict cancer cell migration 

Monkeys in zoos have human gut bacteria


New research gives insight into how diet and lifestyle may affect health

Two University of Minnesota startups named among “Best University Startups"

Closeup of reflection in windows

UMN startups named among the “Best University Startups 2016” by the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer.

Global study shows link between fertilizer and plant diversity

Eric Lind

An international study with ties to the U sheds light on the effect of human-caused disturbance on grassland ecosystems.

Fail-safe for faulty cell division found

Artist's conception of a dividing cell

U researchers find a signal that warns dividing cells when their chromosomes are not being distributed equally.

U of M Venture Center launches record 17 startups in FY16

Light blub

The U of M launched a record 17 startup companies over the past year based on discoveries and inventions by researchers.