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“Perfect” soap molecule from renewable sources wins top Dow SISCA prize


Award recognizes students and universities for innovative research that encourages & promotes sustainable solutions

Review: Alpha blockers helpful in treating kidney stones

Flomax isn’t just for the prostate.

Bell Museum throws final Bell Social with Har Mar Superstar

Bell Social

Join the Bell Museum of Natural History for one last after-hours bash in their Minneapolis location on December 9.

Losses of soil carbon under climate warming might equal US carbon emissions


Losses of soil carbon under climate warming might equal U.S. carbon emissions, further accelerating climate warming

Rural communities can foster transition to new business ownership

Antique Store

New ownership often boosts local economies, Extension study finds 

New discovery could help oral medicines work better


University of Minnesota and The Dow Chemical Company file patent on research

University of Minnesota opens new Bee and Pollinator Research Lab

Bee lab

The 10,000-square foot lab consolidates lab space, honey extraction, observation hive space and office space. 

Researchers invent ‘perfect’ soap molecule

soap bubbles

Molecule is better for the environment, cleans in all conditions and could impact cleaning products industry.

University of Minnesota researchers win Breast Cancer Challenge Award

Image of slide breast cancer in black and white.

Recognition will help further research on exploring genetic connections to breast cancer.

U of M receives major U.S. Department of Energy grant

Photo of CSE researchers Chubukov, Jalan, Leighton, Greven, and Fernandes

Research could improve important technologies such as data storage and power generation.

Aspirin use shown to slightly lower risk of cancers

According to a study recently published in Cancer Causes & Controls, regular aspirin use may slightly reduce...

Scholars team up to show forest biodiversity is green in more ways than one


A team of scholars from 90 institutions in 44 countries show that biodiversity provides enormous economic benefits.