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Gravitational Waves Rock the Physics World

An aerial view of the LIGO site in Louisiana, showing 2.5-mile-long extensions of the experiment against the verdant countryside.

U of M researchers helped discover these “ripples in space,” confirming a prediction by Einstein and opening the door to new physics.

Uganda Hub fosters global health research collaborations, education and engagement with African partners

Tackling the devastating effects of global health phenomenon is central to the work of health scientists...

To Seek Perfection in Software

Close up photograph of a circuit board.

Discoveries by U of M researchers are helping to ensure the critical software of the future is safe and secure.

To Save Our Lakes, Rivers, and Streams


Discoveries at the U of M will stem the spread of invasive species

Research by the Numbers

An up-close view of a molecule model

It’s been another terrific year for research and the commercialization of intellectual property at the University of Minnesota—critical drivers of the U’s mission and our state’s economy. Here is a look at 10 accomplishments and trends for fiscal year 2015. 

To Ease Our Pain

Close-up of a fly

Discoveries at the U of M will help break down kidney stones

Leader in Innovation

liquid dropper dripping fluid into test tubes

The U of M is honored for fueling entrepreneurship and building resilient communities through research and innovation.

Fossil Teeth Point to Early Exodus from Africa

A sampling of teeth from Fuyan Cave shows chewing surfaces and roots.

Teeth excavated from a Chinese cave and dated by a U of M professor place modern humans in southeastern Asia at least 35,000 years before they entered Europe.

To Harness the Immune System to Treat Cancer

A series of test tubes being filled with a pipet.

Discoveries at the U of M are creating cancer therapies that are effective and safe.

To Use Plants for Fighting Illness

Yellow flower.

Discoveries at the U of M are creating solutions to antibiotic resistance.

Healing Nerves with 3D Printing

3D image of magnified nerves

U of M research could help people who suffer from nerve injuries or disease

From Green to Greener

Brian Horgan at the U's Les Bolstad Golf Course

A new U partnership will bring innovation and sustainability to golf courses and other public green spaces.