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A First Kiss apple on the tree

The First Kiss: worth waiting for

The highly anticipated new apple from the U of M appears to be destined for commercial success.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
A young boy smiles at a humanoid robot in front of him, as Marie Manner, a PhD student at the University of Minnesota, observes.

Unlocking Mechanical Minds: using robots to help diagnose autism

Kids’ interactions with talking robots—which behave in a standardized, bias-free manner—could reveal telltale signs in very young children destined to develop autism. University of Minnesota researchers have collected baseline data on robots’ interactions with 2- to 4-year-olds. They hope to use this data to predict who will develop autism, unlocking the door to countless precious minds.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
A trout swims toward the surface of a lake.

Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Giant: a breakthrough treatment in the fight against cancer

Are the greatest advances made in science based on serendipity? University of Minnesota Professor of Genetics and Cell Biology Perry Hackett thinks so. Hackett resurrected an element originally found in salmon to become a breakthrough treatment in the fight against cancer. In the process, the discovery has made Minnesota the destination for genome engineering and opened an entirely new window of therapy that has the potential to improve the health of millions.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
U of M

Research Brief: Bringing race awareness to medical students

U of M researchers developed an anti-racism curriculum for first-year medical students at the U’s Medical School.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities