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Tapping the next generation of hunger researchers

Students partake in the Minnesota Youth Institute program.

Each year, the Minnesota Youth Institute gives high school students the chance help solve worldwide food-security issues

Study shows way to create common ground about gene-editing

CFANS Gene Cooperative

A range of new food production technologies are emerging.

More renewables needed than previously thought to meet emissions targets

Power lines

Across the country, stakeholders have set ambitious goals for reducing energy emissions and investing in renewables.

UMN researchers find recipe for forest restoration

in a field

Regenerating critically endangered tropical dry forests isn’t easy, but identifying right ingredients is positive step.

New moon puts lion’s prey on edge


New study illuminates how the fullness of the moon impacts prey behavior when lions loom on the landscape.

American oaks share a common northern ancestor

Jeannine Cavender-Bares

Researchers unlock a longstanding mystery about the geographic origins of the continent’s red and white oaks.

Turfgrass researchers receive $5.4 million to create more sustainable lawns


The multi-institution effort will work to increase low-input turfgrass use from grass seed fields to home lawns.

Planting grass seed? Most Twin Citians water lawns ‘way too much’


First of its kind U survey reveals more than 60 percent of people with irrigation systems regularly over-irrigate lawns.

New study: Corn’s environmental impact varies greatly across the U.S.

Maps showing impact.

Companies can now more accurately measure – and improve – supply-chain sustainability.

The mystery of leaf size solved

Science publication cover image

A team of researchers including Peter Reich from CFANS cracked the mystery of leaf size. 

Curing a dangerous infection

Older patient and health professional.

U researchers advance a breakthrough treatment for C. difficile.

UMN startup CoreBiome provides services to accelerate microbiome discovery


CoreBiome Inc., a startup based on UMN tech, provides microbiome ayalysis for agriculture, environment and human health.