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Photons do the twist, and scientists can now measure it


Measurement of optical torque by scientists holds promise for industrial and consumer devices

Landmark genetic interaction map reveals the networks of cellular life

Gene Map

New map sheds light on the genetic roots of diseases.

U of M researchers identify an unexpected cause of mutation in cancer

Reuben Harris

Reuben Harris and team pinpoint enzyme that causes mutation in tumor cells

U-led project releases 3-D elevation maps for White House Arctic Initiative


Researchers led by the U's Polar Geospatial Center release the first-ever public set of 3D topographic maps of Alaska. 

U awarded multimillion-dollar grant for physics-based approach to cancer

cancer cell

$8.2 million National Cancer Institute award will support development of a simulator to predict cancer cell migration 

Monkeys in zoos have human gut bacteria


New research gives insight into how diet and lifestyle may affect health

Global study shows link between fertilizer and plant diversity

Eric Lind

An international study with ties to the U sheds light on the effect of human-caused disturbance on grassland ecosystems.

Fail-safe for faulty cell division found

Artist's conception of a dividing cell

U researchers find a signal that warns dividing cells when their chromosomes are not being distributed equally.

Technological Leadership Institute to host commission on cybersecurity

TLI logo

Commissioners and expert panelists will address challenges in improving nation’s cybersecurity at the U of M. 

NOvA shines new light on how neutrinos behave

neutrino illustration

U researchers involved in results indicating that flavor, mass correlation may be more complex than previously thought

Count seals in Antarctica from the comfort of your couch

baby seal

Citizen science project uses satellite images to get first-ever, comprehensive count of Weddell seals 

Bell Museum + Planetarium names new executive director

Denise Young

Denise Young will assume her new role at the Bell on September 12.