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Meeting global air quality guidelines could prevent 2.1 million deaths per year

U of M research: Green Line study quantifies an increase in access to jobs since 6/14/14 debut

Largest-ever scientific camera trapping survey reveals “secret lives of the Serengeti”

Sharing your fish tales? There’s a (new U of M) app for that

U of M molecular biologist selected as HHMI investigator

Reuben Harris, Ph.D, was selected by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) as an HHMI Investigator and will receive the flexible support necessary to progress his research in creative new directions.

Flames, explosions and dancing bring 6,000 kids to campus for Energy and U shows May 18-22

Infant antibiotic use linked to adult diseases

Precise genome editing may improve rice crops

U of M adding research capacity in aquatic invasive plants management

U of M Institute discovers how aspirin fights cancer

U of M sustainable housing design team wins national championship

U of M named national leader for focus on operational excellence in information technology