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“I think I can” is key to closing achievement gap in biology education

Students in lab

Study finds group learning, active participation give students self-confidence needed to shine in classroom.

Nitrous oxide emissions may get worse as climate warms

tall tower

New research from the U shows nitrous oxide emissions, a greenhouse gas, may get worse as the climate warms.

Scientists detect gravitational waves produced by colliding neutron stars

Neutron star merger

University of Minnesota astrophysicists involved in discovery observed in both gravitational waves and light.

U of M secures $2.5 million grant to improve quality of life in cities


National Science Foundation’s Smart and Connected Communities program includes outreach to K-12 teachers and students.

U scientists engineer species-like barriers to reproduction


“Synthetic incompatibility” could boost safety and effectiveness of applying genetic engineering.

Study shows way to create common ground about gene-editing

CFANS Gene Cooperative

A range of new food production technologies are emerging.

More renewables needed than previously thought to meet emissions targets

Power lines

Across the country, stakeholders have set ambitious goals for reducing energy emissions and investing in renewables.

American oaks share a common northern ancestor

Jeannine Cavender-Bares

Researchers unlock a longstanding mystery about the geographic origins of the continent’s red and white oaks.

New study: Corn’s environmental impact varies greatly across the U.S.

Maps showing impact.

Companies can now more accurately measure – and improve – supply-chain sustainability.

The mystery of leaf size solved

Science publication cover image

A team of researchers including Peter Reich from CFANS cracked the mystery of leaf size. 

U study provides new insight toward reducing racial bias in courtroom

Bias in courtroom

Research offers positive news for a criminal justice system keenly aware of need for improved response to race biases.

World-renowned site of ecosystem research turns 75

Cedar Creek

The University of Minnesota’s Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve marks milestone with September 9 celebration.