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Caves in Central China show history of natural flood patterns

Layers of stalagmite

UMN researchers use cave structures to identify historical precipitation.

Bell Museum closing December 31 to prep for St. Paul move

Bell Museum in Autumn

After more than 75 years, the Bell Museum is set to close its current public galleries to move to St. Paul.

UMN research shows people can control robotic arm with their minds

Brain controlled robot

Groundbreaking study demonstrates potential to help millions of people with disabilities

Bell Museum throws final Bell Social with Har Mar Superstar

Bell Social

Join the Bell Museum of Natural History for one last after-hours bash in their Minneapolis location on December 9.

Losses of soil carbon under climate warming might equal US carbon emissions


Losses of soil carbon under climate warming might equal U.S. carbon emissions, further accelerating climate warming

Researchers propose low-mass supernova triggered formation of solar system

Solar system

This supernova left forensic evidence in meteorites that formed at the birth of our solar system.

Wind and solar energy projects could bring 5,000 new jobs to rural MN

Wind Solar maps

U's Energy Transition Lab report measures the impact of federal and state policies to expand renewable energy

New discovery could help oral medicines work better


University of Minnesota and The Dow Chemical Company file patent on research

Researchers invent ‘perfect’ soap molecule

soap bubbles

Molecule is better for the environment, cleans in all conditions and could impact cleaning products industry.

U of M receives major U.S. Department of Energy grant

Photo of CSE researchers Chubukov, Jalan, Leighton, Greven, and Fernandes

Research could improve important technologies such as data storage and power generation.

Scholars team up to show forest biodiversity is green in more ways than one


A team of scholars from 90 institutions in 44 countries show that biodiversity provides enormous economic benefits. 

New angle on Alzheimer’s disease

An artist’s rendering of neurons

New research suggests that blocking a particular enzyme could help restore memory deficits.