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hands holding hops

From Hops to Glass

From just 25 hops plants six years ago to more than 80,000 today, Mighty Axe Hops in Foley, MN, is becoming a force in agriculture and in supplying the growing microbrewing industry with this key ingredient. But one of the biggest challenges facing local breweries is the ability to access unique and new hops varieties—especially ones that are local. U of M researcher Charlie Rohwer is breeding new varieties specifically for Minnesota’s growing climate and Minnesota’s brewers. It’s an exciting—and pivotal time for the industry. Brewers like Fair State Brewing Co-op recognize the work as crucial to having an exciting, sustainable hop and beer industry in the future.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Veterinarian working with a dog

Keeping Minnesota poultry safe and successful

U of M researchers pursue biosecurity innovation, so Minnesota’s poultry industry can continue its success story.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Joel Karsten stands inside the arched straw bale garden he has on display at the Minnesota State Fair.

Gardening for the masses

U of M alumnus Joel Karsten is making gardening more accessible worldwide.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Naxo Riera Vila in a greenhouse on the St. Paul campus

Brewing a better fertilizer?

Naxo Riera Vila helped create a system that turns brewery wastewater into a substitute for traditional fertilizer.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
a bee on a yellow flower

Being a friend to bees

From beekeeping short-courses to bee lawns, you can help bees and other pollinators.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities