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University of Minnesota to develop machine learning techniques for monitoring global change

Big data to monitor global change

The U of M has received a three-year, $1.43 million grant from the NSF to advance machine learning techniques.

U showcases research, entertainment and outreach at the 2018 MN State Fair

Goldy Gopher at the Minnesota State Fair

The State Fair features a 12-day schedule of events and exhibits that highlight the U’s presence the state and world.

UMN plant breeders introduce First Kiss Apple

First Kiss apple

Child of Honeycrisp will be available in mid-to-late August.

The ninja warrior entomologist

Eric Middleton adorned with a few insects amidst flowers.

Ph.D. student Eric Middleton combines a lifelong love of insects and an aptitude for overcoming obstacles.

University of Minnesota salutes 2018 Farm Families of the Year

Minnesota farm

 Eighty-one families from throughout Minnesota are being honored as 2018 Farm Family of the Year by the U of M.

Research Brief: UMN researchers develop DIY field imaging system

An automated field camera track system to collect data on dynamic plant traits such as crop lodging and movement as it’s happening in the field, to help reduce losses in crop yield.

Farmers and plant breeders can DIY an automated field camera track system to collect instant dynamic plant trait data.

Her passion for cheese changed the family farm

Alise Sjostrom and some of her farmstead cheeses

U of M graduate Alise Sjostrom’s cheese making is reinvigorating her family’s farm.

Farm Incomes Take Another Dip in 2017

MN map of farm income

Bumper crops, spotty upticks in earnings were not enough to save MN farming from the fifth year of thin profits.

Forage-Based Diets on Dairy Farms Produce Nutritionally Enhanced Milk


Markedly higher levels of health-promoting fatty acids reported

U of M to host Minnesota Sparks event in Worthington

Woman holding goat

The event brings three U researchers—who are tackling the area’s critical issues—into conversation with the community. 

Scientists poised to win the race against rust disease and beyond

wheat rust

Scientists have positioned themselves to better understand how rust fungi infect crops and evolve virulence. 

Research Brief: Global grazing lands increasingly vulnerable to a changing climate

Cows in dry field.

A new study shows precipitation variability has increased significantly on 49 percent of the world's grazing land.