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Rachel Anderson, white, with almost no hair (due to alopecia), sits next to a poster for She is ME.

She is ME

An engineering student supports her peers while finding her own niche.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Mrubank Bhatt and two other grad students discuss matters.

More to bubbles than you think

The improbable power of bubbles fascinates grad student Mrugank Bhatt.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
A red, walnut-sized 3D prostate sits in a gloved hand

The New Shape of Medicine: how 3D printing may save lives

Michael McAlpine and his colleagues are building organ models to help surgeons prepare for surgery. They also have made a device to treat spinal cord injuries and taken a first step toward a bionic eye. Photo: A 3-D printed prostate model
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Eleni Beshah, with magnificent hair drawn back, looks out and down a set of stairs.

A better future for Ethiopia

Ethiopia stands to benefit from UMD chemical engineering student Eleni Beshah’s knowledge and skills.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
U students (l to r) Brody Hultman, Machlen Polfliet, Kevin Schrader, Jeffrey Guevara, and Andrew Van Gerpen hold a certificate and oversized check. Next to Van Gerpen is astronaut Mae Jemison.

Fizz-fueled rocket soars to big win

Students’ Alka-Seltzer-fueled rocket garners a Big Ten title and a Guinness world record.
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities