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Research Brief: Mindfulness meditation impairs motivation in the workplace

People around a desk working.

Researchers found mindfulness meditation did not affect a person’s quality of work, but it did impact their motivation.

UMN plant breeders introduce First Kiss Apple

First Kiss apple

Child of Honeycrisp will be available in mid-to-late August.

UMN Expert: Loss of local pharmacies in rural U.S.

Michael Swanoski

Dr. Michael Swanoski offers insight on how local pharmacists can reverse the downward trend in rural communities.

UMN Medical School researchers study how cues drive our behavior

dopamine neurons

Neuroscientist Benjamin Saunders used a Pavlovian model of conditioning to see if a simple cue could motivate action. 

Research Brief: Provider acceptance of Medicaid grew slightly after ACA expansion

A doctor writing on a clipboard

A new study from School of Public Health Associate Professor Hannah Neprash was published in Health Affairs.

The ninja warrior entomologist

Eric Middleton adorned with a few insects amidst flowers.

Ph.D. student Eric Middleton combines a lifelong love of insects and an aptitude for overcoming obstacles.

Professor John Bischof named director of University of Minnesota Institute for Engineering in Medicine

John Bischof

Bischof previously served as IEM’s interim director

Mentoring for the future

Mohamed Addani.

U of M Rochester student Mohamed Addani is introducing Somali youth to inspiring career opportunities.

A new smartphone app for collecting travel info

Yingling Fan

Data on how people get from place to place will help inform transportation planning.

Taking the plunge to fight aquatic invaders

Cecilia Riedman and Stephen Long look for invasive species in the water.

Volunteers around the state are taking a neighborly approach in the fight against invasive species.

Research Brief: Cancer-causing chemical formed in e-cigarette users


U of M researchers found an oral cavity and esophageal cancer-causing chemical can form in an e-cigarette user's body.

University of Minnesota team receives $3.1 million federal grant to improve electronics

Close-up picture of a circuit.

Innovations will protect U.S. economic and national security interests.