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String Quartet Helps Us ‘Hear’ Climate Change

A student plays his cello.

U of M geography student Daniel Crawford has created a new composition for string quartet that’s the basis of a popular video, “Planetary Bands, Warming World.” The music provides a visceral illustration of climate change in northern latitudes.

We All Would Fly

A child holds a butterfly in front of his face.

As they race to give “butterfly children” a future beyond their fifth birthday, U physicians seek a treatment for all genetic diseases.

Sharing your fish tales? There’s a (new U of M) app for that

U of M Libraries receives grant to preserve Guthrie Theater archives

Cracking Medical Mysteries with Math

Math equations on a blackboard.

They are some of medicine’s hidden heroes, shedding light on complex biological processes and analyzing mountains of data to improve patient health.

U of M molecular biologist selected as HHMI investigator

Reuben Harris, Ph.D, was selected by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) as an HHMI Investigator and will receive the flexible support necessary to progress his research in creative new directions.

Extension analysis: Economic impact of avian flu at nearly $310 million as of May 11

Losses in poultry production and related businesses due to avian influenza are estimated at $309.9 million in Greater Minnesota, according to a newly released emergency economic impact analysis from University of Minnesota Extension.

Flames, explosions and dancing bring 6,000 kids to campus for Energy and U shows May 18-22

U of M implementation team releases draft work plan to strengthen human subjects research

Draft work plan to advance U of M human subjects research to be made available May 18

A draft work plan to advance the University of Minnesota’s human subjects research program will be available for public comment on the Advancing Human Subjects Research website beginning Monday, May 18.