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Media Advisory: U of M to host annual cold-climate wine judging

What: The International Cold Climate Wine Competition When: 11:30 a.m. to noon, Tuesday, Aug. 18 Where: Continuing Education and Conference Center, 1890 Buford Ave., St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota

A Curiosity-Driven Life

Jessica Tarnowski

Jessica Tarnowski ’15 was always curious about the genetic basis of hereditary diseases. Now she helps those at risk for sickle-cell anemia and other conditions to access health care services.

Through Trials

Cancer survivor Scott Nelson stands on a concrete path amongst a forest of trees with his hands crossed.

Faced with a deadly disease, many people participate in clinical trials as the ultimate way to help others.

University of Minnesota Researchers to lead a $12M research network to build sustainable, healthy, and livable cities

Physicists release first results from neutrino experiment at NOvA lab in northern Minnesota

Statements regarding Norwood Teague resignation

The following statements are from University of Minnesota leaders regarding the resignation of Gopher Athletics Director Norwood Teague.

U of M President accepts resignation of Gopher Athletics Director Norwood Teague

How Lions Became Social

Five female lions walk as a group on grassy ground, lit by a low sun.

Behavioral scientists have puzzled over why lions, of all cats, should live in groups. A new study answers: The landscape did it.

A Win for Sustainable Homes

Graphical representation of sustainable home competition winner

Comfortable. Attractive. Efficient. Affordable. U of M students may have just designed the home of the future. 

Kaela Anderson: Willing to Be a Match

Kaela Anderson

Three years after joining a bone marrow registry as a Gopher swimmer, student-athlete development intern Kaela Anderson found herself undergoing surgery to help save the life of a stranger.

Minnesota Population Center announces annual IPUMS Research Awards

U of M institute on open textbooks