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Uganda Hub fosters global health research collaborations, education and engagement with African partners

Tackling the devastating effects of global health phenomenon is central to the work of health scientists...

To Seek Perfection in Software

Close up photograph of a circuit board.

Discoveries by U of M researchers are helping to ensure the critical software of the future is safe and secure.

The Cancer Moonshot: Dr. Christopher Pennell on cancer research and treatment

When President Obama delivered his final State of the Union address last month, he challenged Americans to channel...

‘Tiny Curators’ Pay It Forward to the Bell

Maria and Miller Williams

Siblings Maria and Miller Williams recently staged a “Tiny Natural History Museum” and donated half of their profits to the Bell Museum of Natural History. The Bell responded with gifts for the kids and a special behind-the-scenes tour. 

U of M moves to No. 3 on Peace Corps’ annual Top Schools list

With 59 graduates currently serving abroad in the Peace Corps, the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities ranks No. 3 nationally on the Peace Corps' Top Colleges annual list.

Research snapshot: Chronic kidney disease linked to masked hypertension

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients could be suffering from masked hypertension, a recent UMN study found.

New U of M research could help improve HIV/AIDS therapies

Hideki Aihara, Zhiqi Yin, and Ke Shi of the University of Minnesota, along with colleagues from Cornell University and St. Louis University have made a major stride in exploring new therapies to combat HIV/AIDS and retrovirus-based cancers.

Banham Nets 60, then Scores Two Encores

Rachel Banham is mobbed by teammates and staff after hitting the game-winning shot.

On Feb. 7, Rachel Banham scored a record 60 points in a win at Northwestern. Two games and 67 points later, she drained a buzzer-beater to down Iowa.

University of Minnesota Announces Plans for Athletics Director Search

U of M Regents discuss future UMTC campus enrollment, tuition strategies

University seal

A five-year plan to grow and maintain the quality of undergraduate students at UMTC is discussed.

Safe practices for over-the-counter pain medications

At the first sign of a headache or sore back, many of us reach for a bottle of over-the-counter pain medication.

Why does my breath stink?

It’s date night. You stay away from garlic and onions at dinner, and pop a mint to be safe...