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Research Uncovers Connection between Craigslist Personals, HIV Trends

Craigslist&rsquo;s entry into a market results in a 15.9 percent increase in reported HIV cases, according to research from the University of Minnesota published in the December issue of <em>MIS Quarterly</em>

Bell Museum Has Lunar Samples on Display

She Would Lead

Joelle Stangler and Senator Al Fraken stand in front of an American and Minnesota flag.

Joelle Stangler ’16 returned from this year’s State of the Union Address confirmed in her goal of serving Minnesota and clear about how to achieve it.

Researchers identify materials to improve biofuel and petroleum processing

U of M launches tutoring partnership with Minneapolis Public Schools

When it comes to variations in crop yield, climate has a big say

Atmospheric warming heats the bottom of ice sheets, as well as the top

Max Shinn named Churchill Scholar

Media advisory: U of M to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Auschwitz Liberation