Diversity enriches learning

Three SEED scholars.

Diverse views and experiences enrich campus life and enhance learning opportunities for all of our community members. Each year, the Office for Equity and Diversity celebrates the contributions of outstanding students through the Scholarly Excellence in Equity and Diversity (SEED) Award. The SEED Award honors diverse U of M students who are doing exceptional work within and beyond the classroom.

In 2018, the University of Minnesota honored 10 SEED scholars.

“Change in this system can begin with me—by becoming a physician, I can serve as a role model and motivate people of color who feel they are unable to pursue medicine due to the lack of representation.” –Emmanuel Okematti, SEED scholar

“As a Native American woman, sharing my experiences overcoming poverty, violence, and substance use on my reservation, the Tuscarora Indian Nation of New York, has been critical in prompting discussions on how to break vicious cycles that span generations.” –Jill Fish, SEED scholar

“As an educator, I plan to continue connecting the past and present because I want my students to use the past as fuel to move our society forward without repeating history.” –Atosha Rypa, SEED scholar

Scholarly Excellence in Equity and Diversity (SEED) Award

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 11:50
Diversity enriches learning
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