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Expanding the Supreme Court

Timothy Johnson

President Biden recently issued an executive order creating the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States. Among the topics the commission will examine are the membership and size of the Court. Timothy Johnson, a political science professor at the University of Minnesota, is available to talk about what this may mean for the future of the judicial nomination process.

Timothy Johnson, Ph.D.
“President Biden's decision to create this commission shows he is serious about considering how to push back against the virtual Court packing that took place during, and just prior to, the Trump Administration. 

“This commission is not meant to pack the Court in the same way FDR proposed during the New Deal. Rather, it is meant to examine whether the judicial nomination process really has gotten out of whack. With progressive and more liberal members of the commission it is unclear what the result will be. However, the existence of such a commission may bring the Court into the political light in a way that the justices abhor and in a way the public does not expect.”

Timothy Johnson is a political science professor in the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts and Law School. His areas of expertise include Supreme Court decision-making, Supreme Court oral arguments, and executive branch and judicial branch relations.

Timothy Johnson

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Expanding the Supreme Court
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