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In what is two distinct pictures side by side, U of M Medical School expert Colleen Rivard's headshot appears in the left half of the frame, while a young woman in her pajamas on a bed looks upset as she hugs a pillow on the right side of the frame
Talking with U of M

Talking ovarian cancer with U of M

Approximately 10 percent of the women in Minnesota have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and U of M Medical School expert Colleen Rivard, MD, is answering questions about the subtle signs and risk factors.

Weddell Seal
Research Brief

Researchers and citizen scientists complete first-ever Weddell seal count

A research team led by the University of Minnesota Twin Cities has completed a first-ever global population estimate of Weddell seals in Antarctica, showing that there are significantly fewer seals than previously thought. Documenting the seals’ population trends over time will help scientists better understand the effects of climate change and commercial fishing.

Image of IonE's Melissa Kenney
Expert Alert

Next-generation Earth systems science report

Melissa Kenney with the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment is available to provide expert comment on the Next Generation Earth Systems Science at the National Science Foundation report.

Dr. Howell
Expert Alert

Spending time outside betters your sleep

With the weather getting cooler and the days shorter, individuals may notice that they have more difficulty sleeping. A recent U of M study noted that exposure to daytime light has a positive impact on sleep and mood in the evening.